D&AD 2015: Case Study

the process of events

This year D&AD asked The Mill+ to make not just the opening titles for their 2015 Awards but also all of the assets for the print campaign. This included everything from tickets to online deliverables like banners and stills. It was great collaborating with the Mill+’s design team, getting their insight and critiques as well as seeing them develop a typeface from the ground up (good job Alex!).


Mill+ directors Carl Addy and Nils Kloth conceived the idea that the titles should reflect the difficulty in getting awarded; the concept was to show the progression of escalating mountains.

A main challenge was making a total of five mountains that would have to represent different pencils that the D&AD Awards bestow: wood, graphite, marble, classic yellow, and black. Each pencil gets harder and harder to acquire, and the mountains would have to reflect those distinctions.


We started by gathering all sorts…

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